Featured Projects

  • Calgary Stampede
    Calgary Stampede
    Rains combined with snow melt caused catastrophic flooding to multiple buildings and facilities across the 20-acre rodeo arena just eight days before their annual Calgary Stampede Festival. The water was about three meters deep in the rodeo infield and could be seen lapping at the top of the barns. Contaminated sludge left by flooding was up to a meter deep in some areas. The Saddledome was flooded up to the eighth row of sea
  • Bob Lamb Industry Education Centre
    Bob Lamb Industry Education Centre

    The Bob Lamb Building is an industry education center with two floors that measure approximately 28,000 square feet each (not including the 37,500 cubic foot crawl space). The building itself suffered significant water damage to the main floor and crawl space during catastrophic flooding. Our team completed extensive structural drying with the use of desiccant dehumidifiers; a strategic mould remediation aided by dry ice blasting; along with the subsequent demolition and reconstruction of all affected areas. With so much going on in one space, a clear plan was in place to prevent cross-contamination.

    During the reconstruction phase, we were tasked with upgrading portions of the facility with 100% success and completion to better suit the needs of the Bob Lamb services on the go forward. The project duration was approximately 5 months.

  • Sumas Flooding
    Sumas Flooding
    On 17th November 2021, the Nooksack River blew its bank causing widespread flooding in Washington state and flowing into the Sumas valley in British Columbia leaving homes and farms under 2.7 metres or 9 feet of water. Over 100 personnel responded to aid with the recovery and restoration of some 500 properties including food processing facilities, factories, farms and residential homes.
  • Bella Care Residence
    Bella Care Residence
    Bella Care Residence is a long term care facility that experienced an extensive sewer backup in their 15,000 square foot basement that housed, the kitchen, laundry, staff change and lunch rooms, housekeeping, and more. All contents including appliances needed to be cleared out so that flooring and walls could be removed and replaced while keeping meal preparation and laundry services operational. Extensive planning was required between the emergency and reconstruction teams in order for the facility to fully function throughout the project.
  • Cape Breton University
    Cape Breton University
    Wind from Hurricane Fiona peeled off the flat roof of the Verschuren Centre at Cape Breton University. The building sustained water damage to the ceiling tile, drywall, insulation and flooring throughout the majority of the offices, labs and common areas. Until the roof was 100% repaired, the team constantly monitored for leaks and mitigated further damage. This project brought on many challenging obstacles, as there was a business and labs that still needed to function during the restoration process requiring an extensive cleanup each day. Water damage to drywall and insulation reached 3.6 metres or 12 feet above the ceiling tiles so extensive scaffolding was required especially with all the mechanical and electrical work above the tile. Many barricades and containment barriers were required to complete the project safely.
  • Syncrude Sports & Wellness Centre (SSWC)
    Syncrude Sports & Wellness Centre (SSWC)

    SSWC is described as a multi-use community facility that includes classrooms, three athletic field houses, a track, a fitness facility, staff offices, physical therapy offices and a daycare.

    The team completed a particularly complex remediation of approximately 130,000 square feet, which included the emergency, demolition and rebuild of the affected building. The project duration was approximately 5 months, which also included the completion of electrical, mechanical and custom woodworking.

  • Long Term Health Care Facility
    Long Term Health Care Facility

    A 200,000 sq ft health care centre during the COVID-19 pandemic required 24 hour a day touch point cleaning throughout their entire facility. Over 20 staff were engaged providing around the clock service for 2 months straight during the height of the pandemic. 

  • Leland Industries
    Leland Industries

    A manufacturing plant had a large loss fire in their facility causing damage to 190,000 sq ft of warehouse and 10,000 sq ft of office space. The team cleaned the entire envelope of the building, replaced all damaged materials and re-packaged 5,500 pallets of material into new packing boxes. On average 200+ technicians a day were dispatched until completion.  This job was completed inside of 10 weeks, and we were able to get the customer operational in just 8 weeks.