Manufacturing Facilities

Restoration Services for Commercial Equipment and Machinery in the Event of a Disaster

If your manufacturing plant suffers from water damage, fire damage, or any other disaster, restoring the machinery and contents within your facility is just as critical as restoring the facility structure itself. ServiceMaster Recovery Management (SRM) understands this and has the necessary equipment, expertise, and resources to react promptly and arrive on-site prepared to begin mitigation immediately. Our seamless structural restoration and machinery and equipment restoration ensure your manufacturing facility can resume the whole operation faster and with minimal disruption.

SRM is a commercial disaster restoration company supported by a nationally respected franchise brand with over 65 years of experience. We've worked with various owners and managers of manufacturing facilities and understand how each facility has unique needs and requirements. Before entering into any agreements, we'll take the time to learn more about your company to provide you with a comprehensive overview of how we can protect your property before a disaster and assist you in quick recovery after one. While several recovery management services are available, none are as dedicated to your facility's long-term health and success as SRM.

Restoration Services for Commercial Machinery and Equipment

One factor distinguishing manufacturing facility disaster restoration services from those for other properties is the need to restore equipment and machinery. Our restoration experts have dealt with machinery and equipment of all types and will thoroughly assess everything on your property to determine the best recovery approach. We will always take the time to understand each piece of equipment and choose the best methods.

Prepared to adjust to your unique situation.

While many restoration companies provide solutions for large-scale losses, they may not address smaller-scale issues. This can leave commercial property owners and managers in a difficult position because most property damage results from smaller-scale issues. Leaking pipes or isolated fires may confine the damage to one part of your property and may not necessitate extensive restoration services. SRM is prepared to assist you with minor recoveries and will save time, money, and resources on an unnecessarily large response. Other companies may over-respond, but we respond appropriately and proportionately based on your specific needs at the time.

For more information on why SRM is the ideal partner for your business, please contact us at (855) 642-2444.

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  • “The administrative staff and the clean up team were absolutely phenomenal.
    they were knowledgeable, friendly and fast. Helped is out a very nasty situation, quickly and they left the room in a better state then it was before.”

    - Lena Sborlini, Property Manager Administrator, Compten Management Ltd.

  • “They were all extremely polite, efficient and professional workers and we were very pleased with the service. We were well informed prior to their arrival and kept being informed throughout the process. This communication was imperative given the chaotic c”

    - Dale Quinnell, Sales Representative, Maple Hills Housing Complex

  • For over three years, I have relied upon Service Master for almost every emergency that has occurred in our retail branch network of over 1000 locations, across Canada.

    Whether it be a flood, fire, vehicle impact or any other threat to the safety ”

    - Saul Jacob, Project Manager, The Bank of Nova Scotia

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SRM takes pride in offering our partners exclusive access to our smartphone application, which provides various benefits to help you prepare for and quickly recover from disasters. Our SRM mobile app is tailored to suit your business needs and is only available to our SRM Partners.

Some app features include:

  • Advanced weather notifications, which include alerts for hurricanes, winter storms and updates on other weather events
  • Recent news and resources that can help you prepare for disasters and minimize downtime when they happen
  • Ease of access to our emergency call centre through a push-to-dial feature and the ability to submit property loss claims quickly.

Our mobile app is just one of the ways we work closely with our clients to prepare them and their properties for unforeseen events fully. We're always just a call or click away whenever you need us.

SRM mobile app
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