We are ready to start work immediately after the danger subsides.

At SRM, we offer the industry's only Advanced Equipment Staging designed to minimize downtime and ensure a rapid response to potential weather events. Our approach involves mobilizing equipment in a coordinated and strategic manner before the expected event, allowing us to quickly and effectively respond when the storm has passed.

Other restoration companies may claim to have the fastest response time, but they still operate on a reactive basis, waiting until after the disaster to initiate their response. In contrast, SRM's proactive approach anticipates and plans for our client's property needs, ensuring immediate action and mitigation once the storm or event has passed.

While our team is already moving equipment onto client properties, other contractors are still trying to relocate their equipment to the area. This reactive approach delays the initial response and often makes it impossible to access the impacted region for days or even weeks following the event.

By strategically staging equipment around the expected area, SRM is often on-site, beginning mitigation efforts while competitors are still trying to access the area and move their equipment. This proactive approach gives you the best chance of minimizing property damage and overall loss severity. With SRM as your partner, you can be confident in your preparedness and ability to recover from any disaster quickly.

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  • “We can’t thank you enough for what you have done for us. The 2013 Calgary Stampede would not have happened without SRM. We take care of our community and now you are a permanent part of that community.”

    - Tracy Reid, Director, Calgary Stampede

  • “They were all extremely polite, efficient and professional workers and we were very pleased with the service. We were well informed prior to their arrival and kept being informed throughout the process. This communication was imperative given the chaotic c”

    - Dale Quinnell, Sales Representative, Maple Hills Housing Complex

  • For over three years, I have relied upon Service Master for almost every emergency that has occurred in our retail branch network of over 1000 locations, across Canada.

    Whether it be a flood, fire, vehicle impact or any other threat to the safety ”

    - Saul Jacob, Project Manager, The Bank of Nova Scotia

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Our Proactive Staging and Response is Unmatched in the Industry

SRM's Advanced Equipment Staging offers a unique advantage by providing precise equipment for restoring your commercial property immediately following any significant weather event. Our equipment inventory includes various mitigation tools, such as extraction units and dehumidifiers, and essential support equipment, like generators, temporary lighting, restrooms, and fuel services. We understand the complexity of commercial property restoration, and our team works closely with you to ensure all necessary equipment is ready and waiting before the storm hits.

Our advanced staging eliminates the need for you to worry about securing, negotiating, and mobilizing equipment after the storm, as other contractors may have to. Even those who offer priority responses often need help to mobilize the equipment required for your needs. Only SRM's advanced equipment staging delivers an effective, proactive equipment response that ensures your commercial property is restored quickly and efficiently.

We take pride in providing our clients with dedicated project managers nationwide.

Compared to other contractors who often hire temporary project managers during high-demand events, SRM only employs temporary personnel. Our team includes only the most experienced and qualified project managers, guaranteeing you receive the best possible service. We follow a strict hiring process to ensure our clients receive top-quality talent and never use temporary management personnel.

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Reduce stress and worry by partnering with SRM for priority disaster recovery response. We guarantee the highest priority in the industry, never allowing companies to purchase higher priority treatment or tiered response. Unlike other restoration companies, we provide all clients with the same urgency and response time, no matter the event or potential loss size.

Our commitment to you as an SRM Advanced Disaster Recovery Partner includes complete prioritization, including allocated advanced equipment staging. We ensure that you have the necessary equipment for restoration and priority service throughout your project. You can trust that we will deliver on our promise of fast and efficient service.

At SRM, we only charge fees for advanced equipment staging if the equipment is needed. You receive all the benefits of our advanced equipment staging at no obligation. If the storm changes course and your facility remains undamaged, you do not pay anything for the equipment staging. You only pay the pre-agreed rates for the equipment if and when needed. This level of investment and resources is unmatched by any other provider in the industry, ensuring that we always protect our clients.

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